THM Himalayan Mineral Salt

THM Himalayan Mineral Salt 12 oz

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THM Himalayan Mineral Salt is a yummy “foodie” friend that contains trace minerals, the natural chemical

elements that help the body maintain its electrolyte balance, and promotes healthy adrenal function. Environmental toxins, lack of dietary nutrients and stress all take a toll on adrenal health. Mineral Salt can help naturally promote the body’s ability to help adrenal produce the critical metabolism-supporting hormones that will help you feel energized.

You’ll know if your salt contains trace minerals by its colour. Regular table salt is white, which means it has been refined and depleted. Salt from deep within the earth, containing lots of minerals is a beautiful pink colour and is unrefined. The best perk of all is the delicious gourmet flare it brings to your kitchen. We use THM Himalayan Mineral Salt in nearly all of our recipes, even those that are sweet desserts! We find a little salt rounds out the high sweet notes and brings a warmer “honeysucklish” sweet flavour.

So how can we advocate salt as a necessity for a healthy lifestyle when it is so often touted as a killer? Aren’t we meant to limit it as much as possible to prevent disease (unless of course we die first from tasteless food boredom)? Yes, we need to limit refined white table salt but Mineral Salt (used in recommended amounts) is as different from that as Beauty is from the Beast. Revolutionize your food and health with Trim Healthy Mama’s “pretty in pink” Mineral Salt and throw the other stuff away.


Himalayan Mineral Salt


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