thm_restaurant_ideas_canada     I love restaurants, and I love Trim Healthy Mama (THM). I find the two can go together really well, most of the time. I live in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, and I eat out a few times a month. At most restaurants, I can stay on plan without much struggle. Here’s how:
  • Easiest restaurant appetizer: Hot wings

This is a great S appetizer: As long as the wings aren’t breaded, and the sauce is true hot sauce, not barbecue, these are THM friendly. Traditional hot wings are typically served with celery (and sometimes carrots) and a creamy dressing. All of this together is delicious and totally okay. But it does blow my husband’s mind when he watches me eat a plate of wings dipped in ranch and then turn down the bun for my hamburger.

  • Easiest restaurant salad: Caesar

This works as both an S side dish or a whole meal. I have had chicken Caesar and salmon Caesar salads as meals. I skip the croutons, but the rest is THM approved. Other salads works, but you have to watch for added fruits (like dried cranberries) if you’re doing an S meal; and watch for fats, including those in the dressing and cheese, if you’re doing an E meal.

  • Easiest restaurant entree: Meat and vegetables

This is a great S meal. I don’t worry about whether everything is cooked in butter—in fact, that’s what I want. I do stay away from breadings, fruit toppings, and most sauces. I also ask to sub fresh vegetables for any kind of carbs or starches (like mashed potatoes).

Actual THM foods I have eaten at restaurants in Canada

Montana’s: Fire-Grilled Top Sirloin with seasonal vegetables. I did not eat beans, corn, potatoes, or crispy onions, just seasonal vegetables, which happened to be summer squash that day. (S)

Montana’s: Fire-Grilled Pineapple and Salsa Salmon with seasonal vegetables. I asked to have extra vegetables in place of the rice. It was not the best piece of fish I ever ate, but it worked. (E)-ish

Red Lobster: Buttered Shrimp and Broccoli. This was part of their Shrimp Lover’s Tuesday option. It would also work for the Endless Shrimp promotion. I also ate the Roasted-Garlic Mussels as an appetizer (without the bread). It was all buttery and delicious. (S)

Fatburger: Hot Wings!!!! These were so good, I went back, and ate them three days in a row. Secretly. While my husband was at work. (S)

Milestones: Chili-Crusted Tilapia. This amazing meal is served with quinoa and vegetables. No substitutions needed. This meal alone makes Milestones one of my favourite places. (E)-ish

Joey: Blackened Salmon Caesar Salad, no croutons. (S)

Remedy Café: I stopped in one day for a snack and found Zevia and Lily’s Chocolate. So happy.

All of these restaurants had multiple delicious options that would have worked great for THM. Most restaurant meals will be an S. I counted a few as E’s, but I didn’t really know the total fat count, so I make no promises about those—except that they were delicious. If I know where I’m eating ahead of time, I look up the menu online and find the best options. If not—I look for a salad option or a meat & veggies option. The best part of eating out? No cooking, no cleanup. Happy eating, Canada.

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Thank you for this! Other places that work well for eating out are Moxies and Boston Pizza for me. At Moxies you can get a big steak and ask for a double side of buttered broccoli. BPs is good, too. Their wings are also yummy and the chicken pecan salad is great. Ask for grilled chicken instead of breaded. 😀

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Yay a Canada eating out list! Sweet! I come to Edmonton often and we have some of the same restaurants 2 and half hours away! Thank you!

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Elizabeth here, one of the Spoonful team… my favorite ‘go to’ fast food is Edo Japan. I order the same thing every time: child size #1 (Beef), double the beef, no noodles, no rice, all steamed veg., 1/2 scoop (drizzle) of sauce (but you could do no sauce at all), and I top with sesame seeds and the spice shaker they have on hand. Delicious, hot, healthy and cheap! It’s soo good!

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