Trim Healthy Mama weekly menu planner Menu planning is an important part of sticking to Trim Healthy Mama. So we’ve created a fillable pdf form to help you get organized. You can plan, save, and print your THM menus to help you stay on track each week. The THM Menu Planner is for serious THM tracking. It includes check boxes for S, E, and FP meals and snacks so that you can see exactly what you’re eating each day and balance your meal plan in whatever way you need. The Basic Menu Planner is a little more free-form–no check boxes. So if you’re not following THM, or if you just don’t want to worry about tracking your meal types, this one is for you. Not sure what you want for breakfast because you feel like a zombie in the morning? Check your menu planner. Hangry for an afternoon snack? Check your menu planner. Dying for some late-night chocolate? Check your menu planner. Even if you don’t follow your menu exactly, having a plan will help you shop for the week and give you healthy eating options every day. If Tuesday ends up crazy busy, and you don’t have time to roast the chicken you planned, steal the quick-and-easy pancakes from Friday–you don’t need to go to the drive-thru because you’ve already planned some time-crunch menu items, and you have all of the ingredients on-hand. See how easy that is? Click on the links below to download a pdf menu planner you can use and reuse. You can fill out your menu right on your computer–or print it first if you prefer handwriting. Then post it somewhere visible (like the fridge) to keep you on the healthy eating track every bite of the week.

THM Menu Planner

Basic Menu Planner

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Wow! Thanks for the menu planners!

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Awesome! Love that it’s fillable.

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