Getting Started with Trim healthy Mama (1) Welcome to Spooniful and Trim Healthy Mama! In addition to providing a great shopping site for THM products in Canada, we want to help you meet all your healthy eating goals. Starting Trim Healthy Mama can be a little overwhelming–new ideas, new terminology, new . . . everything. First you read this big book, then you try to make sense of it all at the grocery store and in the kitchen. Like any new endeavour, it takes time to really settle in and wrap your head around the THM way of eating. But we’re confident, that if you give yourself that time and commit to this plan, it will become positive part of your life the same way it has become a positive part of ours. Check out our book review and overview to learn some of the THM basics. The Trim Healthy Mama Sweetener Conversion Chart provides a quick reference guide on sugars and substitutes. Read our 10 Tips for Starting Trim Healthy Mama for encouragement and practical ideas on how to implement THM into your life. We also have a Weekly Menu Planner  and Grocery Lists to help you get organized. And don’t forget to check out the Spooniful blog for more ideas, tips, and recipes. Happy, healthy eating!  
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