Crio Brü

I have a feeling that Crio Brü is one of those items that we carry that no one really knows how to use, and that is exactly why I chose to write about it today! Crio Bru contains 100% Roasted and Ground Cocoa Beans, and is a much healthier alternative to coffee. I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I have to admit that when I do drink coffee, I drink it like a child. This includes myself pouring mounds of sugar and creamer in the coffee in order to drain out the coffee taste. This is probably a sign that it’s not the coffee I like, it’s just the sugar. That explains why the drinks at Second Cup and Starbucks taste so dang good…


I don’t actually own a coffee maker, but I do have a French Press. Before making Crio Brü at home, I hadn’t had much experience with a French Press, so I read the instructions on “How to Bru” on the Crio Brü website. It goes a little something like this:

  1. Remove the piston and the top from the French Press
  2. Add Crio Bru Grounds. Add two level tablespoons of your favorite Crio Brü into the French Press per Crio cup that you are going to brew. The more grounds you add, the more full-bodied your Bru will brew.
  3. Measure water. Measure water for each Crio cup you wish to brew.
  4. Heat water. Bring water to boil and then cool for thirty seconds. The temperature of the water should be 90-96 degrees C.
  5. Add hot water. Pour heated water into French Press over the Crio Brü grounds.
  6. Stir. Use a plastic or wood spoon to avoid damaging the glass of your French Press.
  7. Place top and piston on the French Press. Do not depress yet.
  8. Let it Brü. Steep ten to twelve minutes then stir again to increase body and flavour.
  9. Depress the piston. Making sure the “spout” is facing forward, slowly depress the piston until it has reached the bottom of its stroke.
  10. Let it settle. Wait 30 seconds for grounds to settle before pouring.
  11. Serve and enjoy! Just as with coffee, adjust to personal taste with creamer and/or sweetner.
  12. Creative – Bold – Adventurous Method: Try brewing with boiled milk, almond milk, or light chocolate soy milk. It’s wild!

I added a doonk of stevia and some almond milk to my own cup of Brü! I highly recommend this combo.

P.S… This drink smells like a chocolate bar.


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