Nutritional Yeast

I think that nutritional yeast is usually associated with the type of yeast we all use for baking. However, this yeast, much different from the other, is a deactivated yeast – meaning that it does not foam, froth, or cause dough to ferment or rise. This type of yeast serves a completely different purpose. It is sold as a food product that can be used in a multitude of ways that one would not suspect.

Before we dive into how we can use this product, I want to talk about why it is beneficial to use. If we don’t understand why we are using nutritional yeast, it is simply another food product to add to the long list of health foods we “should” be eating. First off, the nutritional yeast contains a very important vitamin that many of us are lacking, and that is vitamin B12. When the yeast is manufactured, B12 is either added to the product, or it is grown in a B12-enriched medium.

Besides containing this vitamin, nutritional yeast is considered to be a complete protein, meaning it contains other B vitamins, is low in fat and sodium, free of sugar and gluten, and contains iron.

I’ve heard that nutritional yeast is used by many vegans and vegetarians as a dairy free alternative. It also exists as a vegetable protein, giving them their much needed protein fill. Since I am neither vegan or vegetarian, I am not be using nutritional yeast as a dairy or protein substitute. I am adding the yeast to my daily meals for the flavour enhancement, and for its health benefits.

Here are some fun ways to use nutritional yeast;

  1. Add to any of your pasta dishes that do not contain tomatoes (tomatoes overpower the taste) – Would be delicious over top of some cauli rice or zoodles
  2. On top of bread – Sprinkle over top of your warm and toasty lavash
  3. On top of garbanzo beans
  4. Add to soups to enhance flavour, and to replace cream as a thickening agent
  5. Add to spicy dishes such as curries – Would work wonderfully with “Buttah Chicken”
  6. Sprinkle over top of fried eggs, or mix in with scrambled
  7. Mix into popcorn
  8. Sprinkle on to steamed mixed veggies
  9. On top of your favourite salad
  10. On top of steamed kale or spinach
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