Stocking Stuffer Ideas the Trim Healthy Way!

Stocking Stuffers the Trim Healthy Way! We have loads of ideas for tucking into the stocking of a health-conscious loved one 🙂
  1. Xyla Gum- We carry 4 fabulous Xyla Gum flavours- Cinnamon, Fruit Punch, Peppermint and Spearmint. We recommend going with the Cinnamon Gum since it’s Christmasy. Xyla gum contains no artificial sweeteners. Wahoo!
  2. Pukka Tea A great stocking stuffer, and not just because it comes in a beautiful box. But seriously, how amazing are these box designs.  Pukka Teas are Organic and lovely right down to the tea bag paper itself, which is 100% unbleached and made of natural abaca (a type of banana). Cool! 
  3. Embellished Tea Tong To go with your Pukka Tea of course. I always feel fancy when I drink tea but when I use a fancy tea tong I feel even fancier 🙂 It’s one of those things you don’t know your missing until you have one. 
  4. Lily’s Chocolate Bars Every stocking needs some chocolate and why not make it healthier chocolate. Lily Bars satisfy your chocolate cravings but with fewer calories. It’s a win win. Lily Chocolate Bars are sweetened with stevia rather than sugar. We recommend Lily’s Chocolate Salted Almond. I’m still trying to not eat the whole thing in one go… 
  5. True Citrus This is a super duper way to add fresh orange, lemon or lime to your beverages, anytime. No artificial flavours, colors, sodium or preservatives. Just fresh and tasty crystallized citrus. We recommend the new True Orange for Christmas time. Shake. Drink. Smile. 
  6. Freeze Dried Fruit North Bay freezedried fruit is as fresh and yummy as it gets. Colourful and crunchy a healthy alternative for those candy cravings. We recommend the organic strawberries, or the raspberries or the triple fruit… 
  7. Flavoralls- So many flavours, so little time…Blueberry, coconut, grape, raspberry, almond, banana, chocolate, caramel, lemon, mint, orange, and pure.  Made with stevia extract, Flavoralls have zero calories. Add a few drops to Christmas baking or in your hot cereal on those early wintery mornings. We recommend Caramel or Almond for the season. 
  8. Crio Bru After being out in the snow, come in and warm up with a toasty much of Crio Bru. It’s like hot chocolate, only better because it’s roasted cocoa beans! We carry Cavalla, Maya and French Roast. 
  9. Xyla Fruit Spread Christmas would not be complete without jam. These will go perfectly with cheese and jam pairings or spread on artisan bread. Find six wonderful varieties in our shop under the Jams and Sauces tab. We recommend Apricot because it goes well with a wide variety array of crackers, cheese and bread. 
  10. Nick’s Sticks – Nick’s Sticks are festive and tasty and perfect stocking stuffer size. Perfect for filling boys stockings, which are usually a little trickier to fill than the girls (at least for me). Nick’s Sticks are made with the finest grass-fed beef and organic seasonings. No MSG. No Nitrates. No Antibiotics. No Hormones. No Sugar. No Red Dye. No Gluten.

We hope that you enjoyed this list.

P.S. These stocking stuffers would look pretty cute wrapped up inside a Bolga Basket. Just saying…

Merry Christmas!


Spooniful Christmas!

Merry Christmas to our Dearest Customers!

We hope you are all enjoying a happy and healthy (there is room for exceptions) holiday. To celebrate with you, we have created a vintage, hand stamped “Spooniful” spoon. Now this isn’t just any spoon… This spoon has many exciting uses, and let’s face it, we all love pretty things. The Spooniful spoon can be used to scoop out tea for your Good Girl Moonshine; spread jam, butter, cream cheese and peanut butter; dig coconut oil out of your never-ending tub from Costco; dip into your spice jars; stir sweetner into your tea or coffee; or just hang out in your kitchen, looking fancy. Now here’s the fun part, we will be including one of these original (every single one is different!) spoons with every order over $125. Of course this giveaway will be in effect while supplies last! Thank you all for shopping with us and blessing our family business.





Recipe Review: Glazed Crumb Cake

I just recently had my birthday dinner at my husband’s parents’ house. My mother-in-law and co-founder of Spooniful, Elizabeth, made this delicious cake for me! She found it on page 305 of the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. The good thing about a healthy birthday cake is the fact that you can eat as much as you want and not feel like a chubby biscuit afterwards. Not only this, you can hardly tell that the cake is made of healthful ingredients. If anything, the cake is actually more flavorful than most birthday cakes out there! The glazed crumb wonder was extremely moist and the best part is, you don’t have to skip out on the cream cheese icing – my favorite part. All of the kiddies at the party were gobbling the cake up just like the health conscious adults. This recipe is perfect for a birthday, or would work wonderfully as a holiday dessert 🙂

Bee Pollen Superfood

Have you ever wanted to try to incorporate a superfood into your daily diet but had no clue how to do so? I think we’ve all been there. Yes, the product may very well be amazing for you, but if you aren’t sure how to use it, it does you no good. Bee pollen is one of those tricky super-foods! The first time I was introduced to bee pollen was this year, while vacationing in Maui. My husband and I stopped at a local grocery store with a fresh juice/smoothie shop inside. I purchased an ever so popular acaí bowl that was filled with delicious ingredients, one of those ingredients being bee pollen. The people of Maui are surrounded by fresh food and truly believe in living healthy lifestyles. It may be easier to be active and healthy when avocado trees and the ocean exist in your backyard, but as Canadians, we do not have this luxury. The good news is, we still have access to bee pollen. Since my vacation, I have done some reading up on bee pollen – it’s benefits and how to add to my daily diet. Benefits : enhances energy, soothes skin (in beauty products), treats allergies, aids in digestion, immune system booster, treats addiction, supports cardiovascular system, prostate aid, infertility problems, and contains a high quantity of antioxidants. Now all of these benefits are nice and all…but now let’s talk about how to eat! Here are some fun ideas; Spread granules over cereal or yogurt, blend into your smoothie, incorporate into raw protein bars or homemade treats and sprinkle over salads.  

Recipe Review: Cry No More Brownies

My mouth is actually watering right now as I think back to the glorious time when I was eating these brownies. I am constantly looking for equally healthy and delicious recipes, yet these two words do not often jive in the dessert world. However, I am definitely not kidding you when I say that these brownies literally taste too good to be healthy. While I was devouring the entire 8×8 baking dish, I was asking myself questions like “how is there okra in these brownies?” and “why can’t I taste the sometimes weird and artificial taste of stevia?” Hmm..okay, maybe I wasn’t asking myself these questions AS I was eating the brownies, but they definitely crossed my mind after I had finished. They have all of the same qualities of your typical brownie; gooey, chocolatey, moist, addictive. Better yet, my cookie-loving husband who normally doesn’t go for my gluten-free, coconut oil filled desserts thought that they were wonderful. These are a must try! I cannot stress this enough. P.S. You can find this recipe on pg 314 of the new THM Cookbook. The only thing that I substituted in this recipe was the frozen okra for freeze dried okra. I rehydrated the okra and later placed it in the blender with the eggs. I think this option is much easier than waiting for the okra to thaw. P.P.S. I apologize for the funny shaped brownies. They were the only ones I had left 😉
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