Recipe Review: The famous bagel dogs – S

IMG_1238   My MIL and I made the famous Everything Bagel Dogs this week. Not our typical Sunday family dinner fare, but you’ve got to shake things up once in awhile, you know? So. Bagel dogs. A gluten-free, sugar-free S meal that everyone on Facebook claims to love. For the most part, we followed the recipe. However, we were lacking in mozzarella cheese, so we subbed a mixture of cheddar and a little parmesan. We also doubled the recipe to make eight bagel dogs, instead of four. When we started rolling the dough, we had a hard time getting it to stay together. At first we thought the problem was the cheddar cheese, but after the dough sat for about five minutes, it held together much better. I assume that’s because it takes the xantham gum a few minutes to start gelling. So that’s my tip: Let the dough rest for a few minutes before you start rolling it out. And my verdict? Based on the actual deliciousness factor of these bagel dogs, I think it is safe to say this will be a repeat recipe very soon.

Recipe Review: Chocolate Zucchini Cake – S

I had seen this chocolate zucchini cake recipe floating around THM Pinterest boards and Facebook posts, so I thought I would try it. Good plan, very good plan. It met my top two requirements for a repeat recipe: 1) easy and 2) delicious. Also, it was Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free and works as an S dessert on THM.

So let’s talk about easy—dump the ingredients in the blender and then in the pan? I can do that. As far as ingredients go, I used 2/3 cup of THM Baking Blend in place of the coconut and almond flours because Baking Blend contains both types of flour, and it is all I keep on hand. I also used THM Sweet Blend in place of the Truvia and Lilly’s Baking Chips. Now let’s talk about delicious—soft and chocolatey with a good ‘cake’ texture? I will eat that. It may not be as rich and chocolatey as the brownies I made in my former life, but it was good. Not ‘diet’ good, but genuinely delicious. I loved the texture. I may need to find a way to deepen the chocolate flavour for my own personal preference, but even with the lighter level of chocolate, this cake is not going to go to waste. I don’t know if it’s even going to make it until my husband gets home. He may have to try the next batch.

Beautiful Authentic Bolga Baskets

IMG_4641IMG_6127 Authentic Bolga Market Baskets We, here at Spooniful, LOVE Bolga market baskets! My daughter was the first of us to twig onto using natural baskets for gathering in the garden, and for moving all kinds of objects (baby wipes, laundry, book, found toy, found keys, anything) from room to room, and from her house to my house…she always has one her arm! They are perfect for the farmer’s market too. They have leather handles, are very comfortable to carry, and hold quite a lot. They are strong too. The baskets are of course hand made, so they most likely will not be exactly round. We don’t worry about that, but if you care to, you can wet them, shape them, and let them dry. Mine goes with me back and forth to the car, with all sorts of ‘stuff’ in it, store returns, mail, library books, anything I need to take to and fro. We all like the medium and the large for around the yard, and around the home.

Smooth Chocolate Smoothie – FP

A ‘real’ blogger would never make a delightfully healthy chocolate smoothie, and forget to take a photo of it! A real THM following, I just got home from church at 2 pm and I’m starvin’ woman would though… and unfortunately that is what I did. But it was sooo good, that I decided to share the recipe anyway, with this lovely mason jar photo. We will be filling mason jars with all sorts of wonderful things on this blog, and next time I make it I will take a photo before I glug it down! Smooth Chocolate Smoothie (my concoction) 1 1/2 C Almond milk 1/2 C water 1 scoop of THM Pristine protein powder 1 T of cacao, unsweetened 1 t of maca powder (optional, but a superfood punch!) 1 T THM de-fatted peanut flour 2-3 t of THM Sweet Blend 2 T cottage cheese 1 t coconut oil 1 t vanilla 1 t caramel extract Tiny pinch of sea salt A few cubes of ice Blend away till smooth. You can change the almond milk:water ratio. You can freeze almond milk into ice cubes, reduce the almond milk and add almond milk ice cubes (I didn’t have any today in my rush!), and then eliminate the regular ice cubes. Of course alter the sweetener to taste. Delicious, quick, and feels like a HUGE treat. This is a FP if eaten as a meal with 1 t of coconut oil. If eating as a snack or eating with something else, remove the 1 t coconut oil or change to S 🙂

Good Girl Moonshine – FP

Good Girl Moonshine is a staple beverage that goes along with the Trim Healthy Mama plan as outlined in the book of the same name authored by sisters Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison.

Does it help with alleviating that pop craving? Yes it does! Is it healthy? Yes it is! But does it actually taste good? Delicious! I seriously love it, and so does my family…some having had to work a little to acquire the taste, other’s just diving right in. Even the grandchildren prefer it to pop or juice!

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